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Encrypted connections: Protect your online privacy

Unlimited Bandwidth: Fast and reliable connection

Ad-Blocking: Prevent malicious pop-ups and harmful content

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Check out our dedicated FAQ section on our website for more information. Alternatively, you can contact us via email or live chat at

What is Safe VPN & AdBlock Master and how does it work?

Safe VPN & AdBlock Master is a VPN service that combines security with freedom of online browsing. Whether you prefer to customize your experience or let us handle it for you, you can easily connect with just a tap of a button.

How can I start using Safe VPN & AdBlock Master?

Getting started is easy. Choose the plan that fits your needs or take advantage of our free trial to test out our premium features. Download the app and that’s it.

Is Safe VPN & AdBlock Master a free service?

Yes! While we offer our services through a subscription-based model, you can still try out our app with our free trial.

Is Safe VPN & AdBlock Master master compatible with my device?

Safe VPN & AdBlock Master supports the vast majority of modern devices and is optimized for iOS.

Are there any usage restrictions with Safe VPN & AdBlock Master?

You can surf the web as usual, without sacrificing any safety and anonymity.